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Making the Eyes Pop: Glamorize with Tints

June 10, 2019


Many people are seeking permanent lash and brow fillers and tints. Procedures like micro blading have become extremely popular. With different affordable and effective procedures nearby, the days of needing heavy makeup to cover fading lashes and eyebrows can be eliminated once you find eyebrow tinting near me.


Whether you decide to go for eyebrow tinting or micro blading depends on what you want to achieve from the procedure. For those of you who are looking for a way to reshape your brows and to remove excess hair from them, micro blading is the suggested technique. If you want to add both color and fullness, finding eyebrow tinting near me is your best solution.


Micro Blading or Tinting: Choosing the Right Procedure


Some people have fine, light, and near-transparent eyebrows which can sometimes appear as though they are either without brows or give them a pale and washed-out look. By adding a semi-permanent dark dye to your eyebrows, the technician achieves a look of rich fullness for your brows that won’t need reapplication each day.  


The tinting procedure involves applying the dye to the brows to accentuate your natural brows.  This filler procedure isn’t discernible by the naked eye. Tinting gives eyebrows color and the look of fullness whereas micro blading gives you shape and definition.


Along with a desire for lush, shapely brows, many people also desire thick, lush, sultry lashes.  The ideal lash is long, thick, and curled, but many people have straight lashes that are sparse or pale-colored. A lash lift and tint give the individual the look of gorgeous, dark lashes without the need for mascara or fakes.


The Path to Natural Beauty


Today’s fashion calls for a natural and less artificial look rather than loads of glamour makeup.  People want to have attractive lashes and brows that don’t require them to limit their activities for fear of their beautiful look washing away. Whether you are looking for darker eyebrows or darker and well-shaped lashes, semi-permanent tinting is becoming the procedure of choice.


A lash lift and tint semi-permanent dyes your lashes and gives them the natural upsweep and curl that will instantly beautify the face. Properly done, no one can tell you have had a procedure done. It will simply look as though those gorgeous eyelashes and eyebrows were a gift from birth and not the skilled technique of a highly-trained technician.


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